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On the morning of Saturday, December 30, football club Borey Peng Hout (PHFCD), Mr. Mao Havannall Secretary of the Secretariat of Civil Aviation, the president hosted a friendly match between the football club Borey Peng Hout with red uniform and a former senior sportsmen 80th and 90th century with a blue uniform on a football pitch Borey Peng Hout Foam Lake South International School Southbridge.

The Borey Peng Huoth Football Club was established on Saturday, September 05, 2015, under the Football Slogan bringing health, friendship, solidarity, discipline and responsibility.

Take pleasure in a happy smile Peng Huot Group is delighted to sponsor $ 5,000 worth of Borey Peng Huoth Football Club for the purpose of encouraging and promoting this friendly action.

Speaking on the occasion, HE Mao Havannall founder of the football club Borey Peng Hout said expressed heartfelt thanks to all of Miss Thailand, evaporation and Ms. Honda, who arranged for Courtyard sports and let the players of the football club Borey Peng Hout organize friendly tournaments and special offers snacks, drinks also Appendix An amount of $ 5,000 to the football club Borey Peng Hout.

Finally, HE Governor KEP Chuk Tema also said that playing sports is a source of encouragement and solidarity between people of all ages, sport is also part of physical education and sport activities will also be promoted from all sectors involved now and in the future. And thanks to Peng Hout Group, who always try to support social activities and humanitarian activities often.​

Borey Peng Huoth makes your life more meaningful …!

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