Dear Customers, Partners, Investors, and Associates

Welcome to PH Property, which is known as Borey Peng Huoth, the leading property development company in Cambodia. With our experience of over 15 years in building the highest standard community residences, we are proud to offer our customers, partners, and associates the opportunities to grow together.

Our projects are built with sophisticated and trendy designs by using the high quality and modern construction materials. Our highly committed teams continue to improve our projects, while we focus on a constant innovation as the key to our success.  Environmental friendliness and trendy lifestyles are well considered in building our projects.

PH Property continues to offer many more diversified development projects with a range of eco-leisure environment for health, wellbeing, trendy lifestyles.

Since Cambodia is part of the wider ASEAN region in which the potential commercial future is envisioned, we would like to welcome international partners to join us in building a better world for our customers, partners, associates and Cambodia as a whole.

Please join us to grow together.

Thank you.

Hong Dany, CEO

About Company

Welcome to PH Property which is known as Borey Peng Huoth.  It was founded in 2005 and has been recognized as one of the leading property development companies in Cambodia. With our ambition to grow further, PH Property was transformed to be one of the key business units of Peng Huoth Group in 2016.

By collaborating with PH Construction, we offer trendy, green, and innovative residential projects with top quality, sustainability, and sophisticated designs.  We focus on customer care as the top priority to ensure service excellence is offered to our customers at all times.

In line with our philosophy of sharing prosperity and giving back to the communities to promote wellbeing and happiness in the society, we play an active role in social engagements and activities to support the community development and sustainability.

Please join us to grow together.


  • To be the model sustainable corporate delivering values to enrich lives.


  • Innovate to provide quality products and services that exceed customers’ expectations.
  • Achieve market leadership and operating excellence in every chosen business sector.
  • Establish a conducive work culture to attract, retain and develop talents.